About Bealara


Welcome to the Studio

Lara Lewis // Lead Designer & Owner

If you are here you are most likely a creative yourself, business owner or simply just curious and I am so glad you’re here! Bealara is a studio with a big heart for living and designing intentionally. Here we are passionate about supporting small businesses, particularly the mom and pops who are in constant competition with the big box stores. Our mission is to provide a space where entrepreneurs and creatives can find purpose, intention, scale your knowledge and ultimately grow businesses through strategy and creativity.

Still unsure if you’re in the right place? I get it. Running a business is hard work and full of a lot of choices and large investments. That’s why on top of offering my branding and web services I also give away a lot of information for free. No signups, so strings. My blog is new and growing, but it is my hope to give you the tools to scale your business with less stress. You will find lots of information on branding, designer tutorials, articles about work and life balance, marketing trends and more.

Now you might be wondering who I am and my background. My name is Lara and I am the lead designer and owner of Bealara. I have a background in events and marketing, but finally found my niche in the world of branding. I love downtown shopping centers full of independently owned boutiques and restaurants. I love all the brave creatives out there shutting the door on corporate life to become entrepreneurs. Something else I love is intentional design, understanding your needs and budget and providing honest feedback. I believe in simplistic marketing tools to reach your audience and tell your story genuinely.

If you think you’re ready to discuss your branding options let’s set up a time to chat.