Lara is my business designer and always will be! I so appreciated her patience with me throughout the revision process with my constant updates and changes. Her advice was always great and so helpful!



Our Signature Experience


Get excited, because together we are about to establish visual branding for your biz! Not only will you receive a new family of logos and a custom Squarespace site, but you will be given the tools to identify your voice and the core values of your company. In the process of establishing your new brand you will discover that there is a method to the madness! Before your official start date you will have the opportunity to dig in and complete our signature brand workbook. This workbook covers essential on-boarding questions and helps you break down your goals, target audience, branding priorities and of course content for the web! We do design exclusively in Squarespace! I love the built-in integrations, security, user-friendliness and I especially love having a web builder, hosting and domain all under one roof. You will love it too, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask! This package provides the essentials of branding and web design plus two additional add-on’s of your choice that are included in the starting price. If you feel there are more services you would like to add to the project I am happy to quote that for you. After we bring your project to a close you will be provided with a wealth of information, master files, tutorials and more. I want you to feel confident with the tools you have been given and am so excited to see your business grow and thrive. | Pricing starts at $6000 and varies upon your unique project. (Payment plans are available!)


The Basics

+ Free Creative Call
+ Brand Workbook
+ Styling + Strategy
+ Custom Logo Collection
+ Custom Web Design for 5 Pages
+ Up to 5 Products for E-commerce
+ Up to 10 Blog Posts
+ Custom 404 Page + Basic SEO
+ 2 Add-Ons of Choice
+ Training Videos
+ Brand Guide


popular Add-ons

+ Additional Web Pages
+ Additional E-commerce Products
+ Additional Blog Posts
+ Third Party Application Integration
+ Social Media Graphics
+ Promotional Design for Print
+ Photography Editing
+ Stock Photography Curation
+ Custom Packaging Design
+ Market Analysis


the Portfolio


Custom Brand Design

Timeline 4 to 6 Weeks | Branding is the story our businesses are based on. Here at Bealara we believe in not just providing designs you like, but we are crafting brands to work in today's market and continue to grow with your business. Each project begins with a discovery call where we will discuss your overall goals and the design process. Then, together we will complete your brand workbook. This workbook covers essential on-boarding questions, helps us identity the core values of your business, discovers visual inspiration as well as establishing a long-term strategy. You will receive a one-concept logo presentation which we will build a family of logos from. Towards the end of the project we will review all your deliverables, how to use the tools you are being given and how to make the best of them! | Pricing starts at $2000 and varies upon your unique project. (Payment plans are available!)



+ Free Discovery Call
+ Brand Workbook
+ Strategy + Moodboard
+ Custom Logo Collection
+ Brand Guide


Custom Web Design in Squarespace

Timeline 6 to 8 Weeks | We design exclusively in Squarespace! I love the built-in integrations, security, user-friendliness and I especially love having web builder, hosting and domain all under one roof. You will love it too, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask! Each site is designed with custom code, organizes your content effectively, builds strong call-to-actions throughout the site and ultimately creates a beautiful and functional digital presence. This basic package covers all the important aspects of a modern website and leaves room to add on for a tailored experience. | Pricing starts at $4000 and varies upon your unique project. (Payment plans are available!)


What You Get

+ Free Discovery Call
+ Brand Workbook
+ Strategy + Moodboard
+ Custom Web Design for 5 Pages
+ Up to 5 Products for E-commerce
+ Up to 10 Blog Posts
+ Custom 404 Page + Basic SEO
+ Training Videos



Still have questions? We might already have an answer for you.



+ What do we talk about in the Creative Call?

The Creative Call is an opportunity to provide insight into the design experience you are interested in. We will talk timelines, deliverables, availabilities, pricing, process and any other questions you may have. Shortly after this call I will send you a formal project proposal summarizing everything we discussed. Here you also may follow through by signing the contract, submitting the initial non-refundable deposit needed to book as well as selecting your payment plan!

+ Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! As a small business owner myself I know how hard it can be when getting a business off the ground on a dime budget. I want you to feel confident when investing in your branding and web services, because your visual identity is so important. In our initial Creative Call we will determine what payment plan is best for you. I offer three, four and five month payment schedules. There is, however, a non-refundable deposit due upon booking. This deposit makes it official and holds your spot in the queue!

+ What is a Brand Workbook?

The branding process requires a lot of soul searching, particularly for websites when creating content. The Brand Workbook helps establish the core values of your business, your target audience, a voice, mission, style, goals and so much more. In essance, the Brand Workbook becomes a foundation and enables us to create an effective strategy. It also helps me visualize a design that will be unique to you and your needs! I have built this workbook to be as easy and fun as possible for my clients, and of course I'm always here to help you through it.

+ What does the styling and strategy process involve?

Every project begins with the completion of the Brand Workbook before any styling and strategy begins. With that foundation in place we are able to create a style board that provides a cohesive summary of inspiration, color palette, font heirarchy, photography curation, sitemap, mission statement and more. You are always welcome to share visuals with me that inspires you, but it is not necessary.

+ Why Squarespace? How is it different from other platforms?

We believe Squarespace is the best platform for modern businesses. We all need flexibility, mobile responsiveness, easy edits for growth and easy back end for hosting. Basically, Squarespace is the best option for you if you are needing easy management without too much of a learning curve. You do not have as many plugins at your disposal, but you also don't have to worry about constant updates and possible security breaches. Every Squarespace custom design is technically based upon a template, but we gut that template to create a clean slate and implement custom code as needed. I strive to make each and every website beautifully unique from each other.

+ What does your web design package include?

Each site is designed with custom code to provide you an effective and unique site, without the Squarespace template feel. We use a custom design process and all site designs typically range from 4000-7k depending on features needed and customized designs. Some important things to note are as follows. Price does NOT include Squarespace fees, each additional page beyond the 5 that are included are $250/ea. For every site, we format up to 10 blog posts and 5 products if needed in the site design. If you need more formatted, we will quote it on an hourly basis. We also create a custom 404 page for your website and implement basic SEO. If you have your Google Analytics ID we will implement that for your as well! Third party intengrations are quoted separaretly as well and varies per project, so again just talk to us about your needs and we will find a solution for everything you are needing out of your website!

+ Can I showcase my podcast on Squarespace?

Podcasts are really blog designs in Squarespace, so we can either include them into your blog or create a separate blog. See the add a blog to your site add on.

+ Do I need to transfer my domain to Squarespace?

You can keep your domain where it is OR transfer it over. If you are on Wordpress currently, we can discuss the best option for your site.

+ What are my Add-On options?

The most popular add-ons are additional website pages, a business card design, pricing guide (whether it is intended to be printed or used digitally), graphical elements or illustrations (commonly used for Instagram Highlight Icons or stylized buttons for web use), photo curation and editing, a collection of advertisements for social media, banner and cover page images for social media, blog or e-commerce pages that go beyond what the starting web package includes, and the list goes on! If there is anything specific that you would like to inquire about, please feel free to ask!

+ What will I learn in your website Training Videos?

When your website goes live and you are left with the keys to the kingdom and I want to make sure you feel confident managing your site in the future. I will share with you a collection of videos (each of them covering a specific subject and are relatively short) as well as a customized video for your website. Topics covered are photo/video changes, updating text boxes, basic layout and page creation, how to edit event pages, everything blogging, SEO, how to edit galleries and a review of your own website. I do use custom code, but it is my goal to leave the client with a space that is easy to maintain and hard to break.

+ What are the Master Files and how will I know how to use them?

A very important part of what you receive at the end of the project are your Master Files. These files include but are not limited to logo and other graphic files in AI, PDF, JPG and PNG formats, color variations for those graphic files, CSS backup, Style Editor backup, photo and text backup, color codes, and any font files purchased through the course of the project. You will be provided a PDF and Video Tutorial covering how to use all the different file formats for your logo/graphics as well as the importance of all the backup files.