Begin a fresh new season with strategic and genuine branding.

There’s more to your brand than just a logo. It’s about crafting a visual story that reflects your professional values and UNIQUE style.


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How to Begin 

When you are ready to book your experience I ask for just a few basic questions so that I may start doing my homework even before we schedule our complementary and virtual discovery meeting. In that meeting I will share with you my step by step signature process, establish timelines and hopefully a start date!

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The FAQ’s


+ How long does does the process take?

On average, three weeks for the Starter Branding package and six weeks for the Premium package. Websites take a minimum of eight weeks. Of course if you have any additional wishlist items such as collateral, packaging, website design, etc. on top of the basic package deliverables then the timeline will undoubtedly be extended.

Turnaround time varies depending on the project, as well as the client response time. In order to stay on track, I send weekly reports no matter where we are on the project with our current status and upcoming milestones and checklists.

Please keep in mind that I do frequently book out a month or more in advanced, so if you're on a tight deadline let me know and I'll see what I can do! I am currently a one woman studio and only take a couple projects at a time.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! As a small business owner myself I know how hard it can be when getting a business off the ground on a dime budget. I want you to feel confident when investing in your branding and web services, because your visual identity is so important. In our initial Discovery Meeting we will determine what payment plan is best for you. I offer three, four and five month payment schedules. I do ask for at least the first non-refundable installment due upon booking. This deposit holds your spot in the queue!

+ What website platform do you design in?

We believe Squarespace is the best platform for service based businesses. We all need flexibility, mobile responsiveness, easy edits for growth and easy back end for hosting. Basically, Squarespace is the best option for you if you are needing easy management without too much of a learning curve. You do not have as many plugins at your disposal, but you also don't have to worry about constant updates and possible security breaches. Every Squarespace custom design is technically based upon a template, but we gut that template to create a clean slate and implement custom code as needed. I strive to make each and every website beautifully unique from each other.

If you are a product based business I highly recommend Shopify! It's a point of sale platform focusing on managing your orders, shipping and payments anywhere you go! With some creative custom code we can style your Shopify site to be visually cohesive with your brand.

+ What do I need to do before we start?

Truthfully, we can start immediately with a nice long clarity call and establish a design start date. We can discuss naming (in case you are still debating on your business name), a checklist of tasks you might need for your unique situation before the actual design begins, timelines and I will provide you with legal council and copywriting referrals. Depending upon location I might have photography referrals as well!

Please note that I do ask for at least the first non-refundable installment due upon booking. This deposit holds your spot in the queue!

+ What is a logotype?

A logotype (or "wordmark" or "typographic logo") is a logo that is strictly designed with type; there is no illustrative mark or symbol. Many well-known brands primarily use logotypes, including Tiffany & Co., Coca-Cola, and Google. Our Starter Brand includes a logotype (but no logomark), which is one of the ways we're able to offer it at a much lower price point than the Premium Brand. Logomarks, monograms, etc. can always be added to a Starter Brand down the road.

+ What is typesetting?

Typesetting is the composition of typography, including things like spacing, capitalization, and line breaks. It's the professional touch that elevates a logotype from looking DIY to feeling balanced, polished, and professional.

+ How does your Starter Brand package differ from your Premium Branding package?

We created the Starter Brand method for new and young businesses because we think it's financially best for them to prove their business model and staying power before investing in a Premium Brand. We also believe young businesses don't yet have all of the data history needed to fully flesh out a multi-layered, in-depth Premium Brand. With that in mind, a Starter Brand is an affordable way for new businesses to have a professional-looking foundation at a reasonable price point, and it's carefully designed so it's easy to build upon in the future.

Primary differences:

• Shorter questionnaire

• No brand positioning and messaging

• Logotype only; no logomark

• One primary color instead of a whole color palette

• Style sheet instead of a full brand guide

• Includes business card design (instead of three collateral)


The Client Dashboard 

Coming soon! The Client Dashboard will be a helpful resource for the branding and web process. It will provide you with process details, tutorials, tricks of the trade, policy information and more.


Ready to Get Your Project on the Books?

To begin the booking process please take the time to fill out a short questionnaire so that I may do my homework before we sit down for a virtual coffee date. After you have filled out that form, you can expect an email from me asking about your discovery meeting.