Meet Lara

Creative Director, Designer, Brand Strategist


Raise your hand if you are like me and have lived different seasons of entrepreneurship. Believe it or not, but Bealara was an idea first created while working in the floral industry! I one day fell upon the “Beallara” orchid hybrid and was inspired by its beauty and individuality so much that I began dreaming up a creative business. Since then my love for flowers has remained, but my industry has evolved into helping other entrepreneurs like myself create a strong brand and website to serve as an effective marketing tool for years to come.

Ten years ago I was still working the eight to five traditional job, not able to identify the necessary steps to turn my creative dreams into a successful profession. Little did I know that it is the very journey that you are leading that holds all the answers. We all grow on the job, learn by trial and error, refine our process and keep moving forward.

My job is to not only design a visual identity for my clients but to lift them up throughout the course of working together. We are all social creatures craving relationships and a good story. This truth is what makes small business so special and creating a genuine brand is the most compelling way to attract your target audience and showcase your client experience.



If you are interested in working together, please just reach out!



Our Core Values



Encouraging community among small business owners and wanting to provide a genuine space where we may all support and educate each other. We are at our best when we all work together.


Get your hands dirty, get creative and make something! As entrepreneurs we all must practice a “jack of all trades” mentality and being handy in our own business is key. Here at Bealara we practice simplicity and look everywhere for inspiration, even beyond the mood boards.


We are all growing, keeping an open mind and adapting to constant changes in our industries and technology. It’s important to hold on to your values but to refine whenever possible.