Ready to run a business and look good doing it? I’m your girl.

I’m Lara, a branding stylist and Squarespace web designer 


Bealara was founded on the belief that beautiful design can tell stories and change lives

because running a small business is personal.

What you just read is my official mission statement. I must admit, it’s been through several rewrites. Ultimately, I circled back to a version of my very first, a statement I wrote before immersing myself in business books, blogs, courses and negative comparison. The name of my business, however, is something I have stuck with from the very beginning. Raise your hand if you are like me and have lived different seasons of entrepreneurship. Believe it or not, but “Bealara” was an idea first created while working in the floral industry! I one day fell upon an orchid hybrid named “Beallara” and was hooked. Since then my love for flowers has remained, but my industry has evolved into helping other entrepreneurs like myself create a strong brand and website to serve as an effective marketing tool for years to come.



You’re Only Weeks Away From Your New Brand and Website!



Fun Little Details


WHERE I’M FROM: Bluff Dale, Texas

HOW I TAKE MY COFFEE: Plain Jane Black

MY FAVORITE DESTINATION: Hawaii, at the Pink Hotel