Frequently Asked Questions


How Do Payments Work

There's a 25% retainer to hold your spot on our calendar.  After that, we can split the remainder into 2 payments during our branding project. We do ask that all payments have been received in full by the end of the project. At that point we will send you all deliverables and offer congratulations on your new brand design!

When Can We Get Started

I take two full logo design projects a month so that I may have plenty of time to invest in my clients and their needs. Timelines vary depending upon possible add-on services but at minimum our baseline Signature Logo Design Experience is a 4 week long project. Please just contact me to learn what openings I have to begin your project. With that said, once all initial paperwork and retainer has been completed you will be given homework to keep you busy until your official start date.

Can We do just a logo

Logo design is a process. It involves research, strategy, loads of sketching and revisions and through the course of that process we will find what alternative marks you need for the different platforms you use and what colors you need to differentiate yourself from your competition. Together we are creating a starting point for your brand. It is so much more than just one single mark.

How Do I Book

Contact me today and we will set up a video call to hear more about your business and what your goals are. Then, once we complete the paperwork and the retainer, you'll get access to the homework so we can get started immediately!


What’s your style?

My style definitely treads to the more modern side but am always thrilled to create within different themes. I work hard to make sure even our most personality-filled designs are clean and effective. Each of our projects feels a bit different. The biggest compliment we hear on launches is when people who know you well say, “It's so you!” 

What’s the process like?

It's in-depth & inspiring. I use video calls and homework to be completed online in our branding process. Though I do my very best to make the entire process as stress free and easy as possible for the client the project can be a busy few weeks. We dig deep into what your message is and who you want to share it with. Everything we do is designed to amplify your message to your audience! 

How do logo designs work?

I will sketch out up to 50 different ideas, trying and testing out top contenders within different layouts and ultimately will fine tune 1 design that will best serve your business goals. I don't want to overwhelm you with tons of options and take quality, thought, and time away from the logo that will ultimately be yours. We do the work of both creating unique, original ideas for you and culling through them to present you with the strongest options. And, we always refine a bit from there, focusing on any tweaks we need to make for it to appeal to your ideal client!

What will I walk away with?

You will receive a several visual & strategic goodies: mission statement, moodboard, brand positioning questions, logo configurations, type hierarchy, color palette, brand guide, logo (primary and alternative) filetypes, possible collateral working files & press ready PDFs, printing guide & spec recommendations and training videos.